Foldimate : Folds Your Laundry

This Machine Folds Your Laundry

FoldiMate makes the worst part about laundry a breeze. It fits right next to your washer and dryer and folds your clothes for you.

Foldimate Family™: Your Laundry Folding Friend

If you are like us and you want to have more time to enjoy life and still get the laundry folding done, then you probably want your own FoldiMate. By reserving your FoldiMate now you ensure that you will be one of the very first few people to use ...

Tired Of Folding Laundry? Bring This Robotic Machine Into The Fold

Nobody likes folding their laundry, plain and simple. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and just an overall drag. So why not let a robotic laundry machine do the job for you? Enter the Foldimate robotic laundry-folding machine, which is designed to he...

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Foldimate : Folds Your Laundry

Krishnamoorthy VKrishnamoorthy V
This machine folds your laundry