Fly High Innovative Preschool

About Fly High!

Fly High follows hybrid curriculum of montessori,Kindergarten & Knoebels Theories.We are proud to be the neighbourhoods favorite preschool. Our aim is to build upon experiences provided by you as parents, so together we can work towards the happy...

Our outside area has a garden in which the children plant and grow their own vegetables, there is also a sandpit, montessori materials, puzzles and playhouse as well as a large selection of outdoor toys and games.

Fun In Rain!!!

Rain week,Rain songs,Rain clap,Rain dance....

The End

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Fly High Innovative Preschool

Fly High Innovative Preschool, Fly High Innovative PreschoolFly High Innovative Preschool
Fly High preschool is all about innovation,creativity & focus on all round development of a child.