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First Mobile Phone Rules For Teenagers

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In today's world, gadgets rule our lives and the lives of our children. In many households, there are not many rules on the usage of media by either adults or children. Kids often follow what their parents do, and unless parents themselves restrict their use of gadgets and have control over how much they use their mobile, children will not learn to do the same. 

It is an exciting time for a preteen when she gets her first mobile. But like everything else, this should also come with a cautionary advice. Give your child pointers on the etiquette of mobile usage. Our useful ClipBook help you do so.             


5 Cell Phone Rules For Kids And Teenagers

Put your cell phone policy in place the very first day you allow your children to have a phone. The cell phone policy should come across to them as a "this is how it is done in our house" type of thing. If you wait until there is a problem and rea...

The First Cell Phone: Rules For Responsibility

Research shows that virtually all kids who are allowed to keep their cell phone in their room overnight will answer a late-night text, and most of them have spent at least some late nights sending texts. Only 11 percent of parents suspect their te...

10 Rules For Children And Cell Phones

The entire world has moved to the cell phone. It’s no longer a convenient tool to speak to someone when you are mobile. Now it is the town square. It’s the place to socialise, it’s the library, the arcade, the TV, the shopping mall, the remote con...

10 Rules For Safe Family Cell Phone Use

The following basic cell phone safety rules apply to all members of a family — parents as well as kids. Have a conversation about when it’s OK and not OK to use the phone for talking, texting, apps and other functions. This should include both tim...

Responsible Mobile Phone Use: Kids And Teens

If you’re thinking about a mobile phone for your child, or your child already has a phone, it’s important to think about how you’ll help your child learn to use the phone responsibly. To start with, you could think about your own media use.

Rules For Teen And Tween Cellphone Use

A phone, though, felt like a change. When you can only text or email where there’s Wi-Fi, you’re not sitting in the car tapping away. The iPad won’t go in your pocket, so you’re not pulling it out at a restaurant or checking it instead of chatting...

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