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First Aid For Nose Injuries In Children


When your little one runs up to you with a bloody nose, it could be a terrifying sight. Though it could be equally scary for you and your child, remaining calm as a parent is one of the most important things you can do as a first step to helping your child remain calm as well. Then you can figure out how to stop the nosebleed through the following first aid measures, as given in an article in www.chla.org:

• Have your child sit with her head slightly forward.

• Have your child breath through her mouth.

• Use a soft tissue when blowing the nose.

• Don’t forcefully blow or pick the nose.

• Don’t panic. It is much easier for your child to listen to your instructions if you appear calm.

• NEVER tilt your child’s head back. This’ll make the blood flow down the throat into the stomach or lungs.

If your child is prone to frequent nose bleeding, then a few days after the incident, you can apply Vaseline with a cotton swab to the inner, lower third of each nostril to help protect the mucosa from drying out and re-bleeding.

The nose is an extremely fragile sense organ and nose bleeds are not the only injuries that can occur in your child’s nose. From fractures to cuts and wounds, learn how to perform first aid for all of your child’s nose injuries by reading through the articles in this ClipBook.


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It can be equally scary for both parent and child to figure out how to make a nosebleed stop. As with most things, remaining calm as a parent is one of the most important things you can do as a first step to helping your child remain calm as well.

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