First Aid For Bleeding

First Aid - Bleeding

If severe bleeding cannot be controlled by direct pressure , it may be necessary to apply pressure to the pressure points. These are found on the main artery above the wound. When bleeding has been controlled, remove pressure to the point and reap...

How To Stop Bleeding | First Aid Training

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Dealing With Cuts

Most small cuts don't present any danger to kids. But larger cuts often require immediate medical treatment. Depending on the type of wound and its location, occasionally there is a risk of damage to tendons and nerves. If you have any doubt abou...

First Aid For Bleeding Injuries

Choose items from these suggestions best suited for your training situation or to have during a sports event: Stopping a nosebleed takes quick action. To help stop a nosebleed and keep it from restarting: Pinch the nose bridge and lean forward o...

Basic First Aid : How To Treat Severe Bleeding During First Aid

Treat severe bleeding during first aid by applying a sterile dressing with pressure to the affected area, and by lifting the injured limb above the heart to ...

Stopping Bleeding

Injuries and certain medical conditions can result in bleeding. This can trigger anxiety and fear, but bleeding has a healing purpose. Still, you need to understand how to treat common bleeding incidents, like cuts and bloody noses, as well as whe...

Bleeding Cuts Or Wounds

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St John Guide To First Aid For Bleeding

Bleeding is usually minor in nature but can sometimes impose serious threat if a large vein or artery has been injured. Background Generally, bleeding is of a minor nature and includes small cuts, grazes, etc. However, bleeding may be severe an...

Severe Bleeding: First Aid - Mayo Clinic

How to administer first aid for severe bleeding.

Kids' Health - Topics - First Aid - Bleeding

Blood can carry diseases in it so be careful. If your friend is bleeding a lot, the first step for you as a first-aider is to With a small cut or a wound that is not bleeding much there are three important steps for you to take. If you cannot get ...

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First Aid For Bleeding

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First Aid For Bleeding