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Though mathematics might prove to be the most challenging subject to many students, it can be termed as the most fundamental concept that everyone needs to learn. Learning mathematical concepts and skills greatly improves logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities in your child. Besides, it not only has the highest real-life application, it is also the subject that most professional fields require.

It might surprise you to learn that a variety of fields require mathematical skills. From fashion to music, numerous professions incorporate math in its basic functioning. An article published in ed.ted.com talks about the confluence of music and math, stating the example of the genuineness of Beethoven’s composition. The math behind his ingenious music, according to the article, is what enabled him to write many of his most beloved songs while going deaf. Thus, through the certainty of mathematics, one can convey emotion and creativity.

Mathematics is also widely applied in the field of sports. “Whether discussing a players statistics, a coaches formula for drafting certain players, or even a judges score for a particular athlete, mathematics are involved. Even concepts such as the likelihood of a particular athlete or team winning, a mere case of probability, and maintain equipment are mathematical in nature,” states an article in jwilson.coe.uga.edu that talks about mathematics in sports.

Our ClipBook provides you with information on various other fields that expect your child to have mathematical skills. 

From photography to baking, flip through this ClipBook to know how math is applied in these fields.


Why Is Math So Important?

Many kids ask their math teacher why learning a particular mathematical concept or skill is important. When helping kids out with their homework, many parents may wonder the same thing.

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