F.i. International Preschool - Interior

Nursery Class

Every class is given a colour to make the learning more exciting to them and differentiating with other classes. For example Nursery class has orange colour

Colourfull Furniture

School has colourfull furniture and has ensured to select the colours according to colours most liked by kids.

Ukg Classroom

UKG class has yellow colour

Terrace Garden

Very rare to see a terrace garden in schools. FI international has converted their terrace into a terrace garden to give more space for kids to play and enjoy greenery.

The End

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F.i. International Preschool - Interior

F.I. International Preschool, F.I. International PreschoolF.I. International Preschool
World class facilities for kids. International Syllabus, secured ambience. Admissions Open call on 020-69996998