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Feminism And Sexuality



How I Became A Feminist, And Other Mundane Things

I did not know what feminism meant, but I remember being told I’m too rough for a girl. Or, was it bold? Or, rude? I don’t remember – there were many words that I was associated with, and believe it or not, I actually used to like them.

Feminism, Marriage, And The Dilemma

I’m 29 now, and my mother is going crazy about finding a guy for me to marry. It’s not as if I don’t want to get married and have children. I would love to do it, but the values I have built for myself (you could call them feminist values) are bei...

Talking About Gender And Sexuality As A Feminist Mother

The comfort with discussing gender and sexuality has a flip side too that needs a large dose of humour and a lack of concern for your reputation.

10 Common Myths About Feminism Debunked

A lot has been said and unsaid and we have tried to explain feminism 101 multiple times. Apparently, it’s never enough. In a bid to yet again explain what is feminism and what it is not, and bust some common myths around it.

Lata Mani On Neoliberalisation And Gender

Watch media theorist, linguist and philosopher, Wolfgang Sutzl interview feminist historian and cultural critic Lata Mani about the impact of neoliberalism on the rearrangement of gender codes and conduct in Bangalore, (and) India.

On Realising A Young Feminist Dream

One gets introduced to feminism through various modes: through books, through university courses, through parents and sometimes one does not realize one is a feminist, but still lives the life of a feminist.

On Feminism, Sexuality And Disability

Bula was not happy at being offered a bath and fresh clothes. Food, she would gladly take – but for that she had to scrounge through leftovers in the bins. Staying dirty was her only protection from the roving eyes of men on the streets.

Women In India's Rape Capital

The city that has come to be touted as the “rape capital” proves to be the ideal ground for festering debates and discourse over the safety of women in the city.

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