Feeding Monkeys May Harm Their Health

Don't Feed The Monkeys

Ubud, Bali's Sacred Monkey forest is a great place to visit but be careful when getting near the monkeys that roam freely throughout. Here I was bit by a Macaque ...

Feeding Monkeys May Harm Their Health - The Economic Times

Feeding wild monkeys can pose a risk to their health as it makes them larger in size, more susceptible to disease, and more stressed, warns new research.

Don't Feed The Monkeys!!!

Oh My God. Whatever you do.. don't feed the monkeys in India! Rabies is a very serious risk, and medical treatment to prevent it is very long and painful.

Feeding Monkeys In Thailand | Ko Phi Phi

We take a long-tail boat from Ko Phi Phi Leh back to Ko Phi Phi Don to feed the monkeys at Monkey Beach (Ao Ling). Our long-tail driver gives Brandi and I ...

Crazy Monkey Feeding Frenzies| Monkey Island, Nha Trang, Vietnam|

Two world renown experts in their field seek a deeper understanding of monkeys- Do monkeys really like bananas? What about Pringles? Spoiler, monkeys love ...

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Feeding Monkeys May Harm Their Health

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Feeding monkeys may harm their health