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Father's Role In Parenting


It is the common opinion that while raising a family, the mother takes care of the child while the father pays the bills. But, how much of this is true? Granted, the father must go to work every day, but his role in parenting is no less important.

Sigmund Freud had opined that the greatest need during childhood was a father’s protection. So, there is no denying the importance of a father’s role in early childhood.

According to an article published in, "Fathers provide both physical and psychological support and this can even be seen in the animal kingdom." The benefits of involving fathers in the care of their children during the early years is not limited to the health and well-being of the children alone, but reflects on the whole family.

The Huffington Post in one of its articles has examined the importance of a dad's role. According to the article, as human beings are social animals, they learn by modelling their behaviour. Thus, a child’s primary relationship with her father will affect all her future relationships. Girls will look for men who have attributes similar to their fathers, while boys will model their behaviour after their fathers. So, fathers play an important role in a child’s development right from birth through adulthood. 

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