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Father's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

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Although the traditional view considers the mother to be the nurturer and the father to be the provider, the role of a father in the life of a child is no less than that of a mother. A father provides his child with emotional, physical, financial and social support.

With the changing social and family structure, the role of father has become even more important. The changing times has made it possible for fathers to involve themselves more than ever in the upbringing of their children, thus increasing their contribution.

Father’s Day is celebrated to honour fathers for everything they do for their children. It provides children with an opportunity to express their love for their fathers, and acknowledge their importance.

Over the years, the idea of celebrating a day dedicated exclusively to fathers has spread across the globe. Today, it’s celebrated in almost all the countries of the world. Although the style of celebrating Father’s Day differs across cultures, giving gifts to fathers is a common custom.

With a variety of gift items being available on the market nowadays, children can buy whatever they wish to give to their fathers. But a gift made by a child with his own hands is special. It shows how much a child loves and cares for her father.

To help your child make a special gift for her father, we have compiled a ClipBook of easy-to-make Father’s Day gifts. Flip through the pages of our ClipBook to give her some great ideas.


I Love You This Much Card

Show your dad how much you love him by gifting him this cute card that’s easy to make. All you need is some paper, scissors, glue, and a marker or some print-outs for the lettering.

Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Every dad has several varieties of tape in the workshop, and chances are he can never find the one he needs when it matters the most. Create a jumbo tape dispenser that will help him keep all his tapes organized and ready.

Luggage Handle Cover

A travelling dad knows what a hassle it is to locate his luggage among a sea of other suitcases at the airport. Make a handsome luggage handle cover to adorn the suitcase handle and make it easy for him to spot his own when he’s waiting at baggag...

Father's Day Candy Hamper

You can never go wrong with a personalized gift. Write a fun message that’s peppered with candy puns, and use it to make a candy gram for dad to enjoy on Father’s Day.

Homemade Fishing Rod And Reel

Every dad loves a good fishing trip with the family. Help him cherish the memories by creating a homemade fishing rod and reel. You can make up fun fishing games to play on Father’s Day, and Dad can display his gift in the home or office all year ...

Diy Soda Can Coasters

This is a great gift idea for kids who are older; younger kids can watch mom while she works. Use the empty cans from dad’s favorite soda or beer to create a set of soda can coasters.

Pops For Pop

Satisfy a sweet tooth with something besides the usual candies and cupcakes. These Father’s Day cake pops are too cute and delicious-to pass up.

Father's Day Crown

Mom is always the queen of the house, but dad can be king for a day with a handmade Father’s Day crown. It’s a fun and easy project for kids of all ages to make.

Car Wash Kit

Kids can create a car wash kit that keeps all car-washing supplies in one convenient spot. Next time the car needs washing, dad and the kids will be able to get right to it.

Cool Desk Organizer

Keep a trio of cleaned tin cans and turn them into a “Dad” desk organizer. Use paint or decorative paper to color the outside of the cans, and let the kids use their imagination to decorate the tins.

Father's Day Cupcakes

For the dad with a sweet tooth, you can make a batch of themed cupcakes. Decorate them using his favorite sport as inspiration.

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