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Fashion Tips And Trends For Toddlers In Summer


As adults, we do different things to stay cool during the hot summer months; including wearing light and loose clothing. Children and toddlers are no different. Like us, they also need certain types of clothes to beat the summer heat.

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In the article, The Advantages of Cotton Clothing, published in Livestrong, writer William Peterson discusses the advantage of wearing cotton in summer. As cotton is a natural product, it has many advantages such as ability to control moisture, insulate and provide comfort. Its durability makes it an ideal fit for toddlers, who love to play all day long.

Some useful fashion tips and trends for toddlers to enjoy the summer season are:

• Make sure your toddler wears a summer hat: Per redtri, hats are an extremely good defence against the hot sun. Not only will your little one be safe from the blazing rays but the hat will protect him or her against other sun-related problems such as sunstroke, burns and tans. Plus, a hat will look really fashionable.

• Light and comfortable shoes: During summer, comfortable shoes are a must. Toddlers are constantly growing and so are their feet. Heavy shoes can lead to much sweating.

• Sunscreens: Though Indians are not prone to skin cancer, sunburns can cause blisters that are painful. Sunscreens can pro

This apart, there are several style trends that toddlers can follow: a tropical print shirt for him while a graphic T-shirt in neon colours look good on her.

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Those who follow these tips find dressing toddlers to be a source of fun and learning, rather than frustration, for both themselves and their independent toddler.

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