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Fancy Dress Competition 101

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Imagine this. One day, on the way to your office, you witness a strange spectacle. You see Mahatma Gandhi, Batman, a cowboy, a fairy and a tiger walking together. You know that you are not dreaming, but are surprised by what you see. What you are seeing is children going to attend a fancy dress competition!

But what is so special about dress-up play? Child specialists often stress upon the importance of the role of creative play and dress-up play in fostering creative thinking in children. As parents, it is essential that we encourage and support our children to take part in such activities. Here are some excellent tips and ideas to get the show going so that your children can have a wonderful time.

First of all, parents must understand the rules of the competition. Then they should discuss the theme and character with their children in advance, and gather all the required materials for the costume and the props. Next comes a dress rehearsal. Finally, reaching the venue on time is a must.

An article, '60 fancy dress ideas for kids', published in superbabyonline, in 2019, has listed some fancy dress competition ideas such as a jelly bean bag, cotton candy, sunflower, fairy or cowboy.

For more tips to make a fancy dress competition a special occasion for your child simply click through the pages of this ClipBook.


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