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Fairytales And Forevers By Studio Vaibhava


Indian weddings are known for their grandeur. The families bless the couple with Band Baja and Baraat. However big or grand the wedding, the celebration does not last forever. But guess what does? The pictures with the memories captured!

That's where Studio Vaibhav comes in. With a talented team of over 16 years of experience in the field, they freeze your favourite moments so you can revisit them, time and again. They promise to bring a smile on your face for years to come. 

Apart from photography the studio also specialises in cinematography. After all, making wedding videos with your favourite playlist is the latest trend, so why not?

If you are worried that the photographers would come in the way of the audience's view and obstruct them from seeing and being part of the special moments, then fret not! Studio Vaibhav uses the best equipment and high-quality lenses that can capture precious moments from anywhere. 

And not just weddings, the studio also does pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoots in amazing locations and beautiful backdrops. 

“We at Vaibhav Studio believe that delivering the best requires the best! We’ve mastered the rules and we know the laws of breaking the rules and seeing beyond convention.”

So, go on, Flip through our Clipbook to see some breathtaking fairytale captures. Prepare to be amazed!


Love Is In The Air!

Isn’t happiness in these little moments? The hidden smiles and happy tears are moments not everyone can see. Studio Vaibhav captures such moments and freezes them for life.

Stealing Moments!

Away from the crowds, Studio Vaibhav finds a picture-perfect location or even creates one magically, to click beautiful fairytale-like pictures. Because we definitely need some glamour and splendour in these once-in-a-lifetime momentous occasion, ...

All Things New!

Not just weddings, Studio Vaibhav captures your pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots as well. You get to dress elegantly, look amazing and be surrounded by beauty. Sometimes the best emotions, moments, love and smiles get captured away from the mar...

What Is Love If Not An Interesting Adventure!

This image shows that the studio goes all out to find unique and beautiful locations for your shoot. This one in the woods is so unusually lovely, isn't it? Check out their website for more!

Celebrating Your Little Joy!

Why stop at the wedding, welcoming your little one into this world is equally special too. Studio Vaibhav captures all the love in just one frame. What can be more synonymous to perfection?

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