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Facts You Didn’t Know About Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time of excitement, happiness, anticipation, anxiety, and a new beginning. But it is also the time a woman experiences myriad changes in her body and goes through weird pains and swellings here and there.

Information about pregnancy is readily available these days. Most women are well-informed about their pregnancies. However, there might still be facts you might not know about pregnancy. Interesting or frightening? Well, just little facts about the time you are expecting a child that might be either funny or weird; or perhaps a bit of both.

Now the truth about that pregnancy glow everyone experiences and talks about – well, it is real, in fact. When a woman is pregnant, she has lots of extra blood in her body. Also, her oil glands are overactive during pregnancy. All this excess oil and blood translates into beautiful pregnancy glow. Interesting, isn’t it?

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