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Eye Care Tips For Newborns


Taking responsibility for a newborn is not a easy task. A newborn is delicate and extra care must be taken to ensure he is protected from injury. The eye is a very delicate organ and must be safe-guarded, especially so for a baby.

All safety standards must be maintained while caring for the eye of a newborn. Follow proper tips while cleaning and caring for your baby’s eyes.

In the article, Taking Care of Baby’s Eyes, published in indiaParenting, some vital points in cleaning the eyes of a newborn include:

• Ensure the hands are disinfected before cleaning the eye of the little one.

• Soft cotton cloth or wool should be soaked in clean water for cleaning eyes.

• Separate cotton wool or cloths should be used while cleansing each eye.

• One should be patient because newborns can be fidgety. Force should not be used.

• Parents should not try to clean the insides of the eyes and the eyes must be closed during the cleaning procedure.

• Warm water can be used.

Parenting, in one of its articles, states that there are four common eye problems that newborns may suffer from – clogged tear ducts, crossed eyes, redness, and infection. The good news is that most of these eye problems are not serious and can be dealt with easily.

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