Explore, Learn And Discover: Science Day

Bright Young Minds

Kudos to the students !! A phenomenal attempt by the students of Grade 6-12 who made the school and the teachers proud with their efforts to script, direct and present a Science Fiction play - "The Fourth Dimension". The success of the play was in...

Designers Of The Future........

Grades 4 and 5 made and presented their models on gadgets and ways of conserving energy. The confident presentation and use of simple, recyclable materials to create these models enraptured the parents.

Food For Thought !!

"Think, Act, Save" was the clear message the students conveyed in the most engaging way to the parents. The students made a concious effort to educate the parents on this as a need of an hour for a sustainale future.

An Energy Saver !!

Models of equipments and gadgets - Washing machines, Solar cookers that help save energy from fossil fuels !!

An Applause Well Deserved !

The snapshot above is the feedback that parents and guests gave after watching the science play.

The End

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Explore, Learn And Discover: Science Day

Akshar Arbol International School, Akshar Arbol International SchoolAkshar Arbol International School
AAIS celebrated the Science Day today. Students took a lot of effort to make it a success.