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Exotic Recipes For Ganesha Festival


The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is all about prayers, rituals, celebrations at home and in the neighbourhood, and lots of sweetmeats and delicacies. The idol of Lord Ganesha and the pooja space are decorated with varieties of flowers, tulasi (holy basil) leaves and sugarcane. Different types of offerings of fruits and cooked food are made. The 10-day long celebration is an interesting time for children to learn about Indian traditions and to bond with parents over some tasty food. 

During Ganesha festival, many sweet and savoury dishes are made and it is the perfect time for the family to celebrate the spirit of togetherness. But why not try something slightly different this time? This ClipBook is a collection of exotic recipes, which are a unique twist on the festival regulars. They are easy to make and can be prepared without breaking a sweat. Try them and enjoy with friends and family.         


Dry Fruit Modak

This Ganesh Chaturthi, infuse the favourite sweet of the God of Wisdom with the flavours of Diwali. Try making modak out of dry fruits. It is similar to the traditional ukadiche modak but the stuffing is different as the filling consists of khoya,...

Thinai Kozhukattai

A classic Tamil brahmin dish, this millet upma Kozhukattai is easy to prepare, tastes delicious, and is perfect for dinner during Ganesh Chaturthi. A twist from the normal rice upma, this dish is made with broken raw rice along with Indian spices....

Strawberry Kheer

Kheer is a popular dish that is made during special occasions like festivals. Give this classic dish a twist by infusing chopped and pureed strawberries in it. This dessert combines the fruity punch of strawberries with the rich desi flavour of kh...

Apple Pie Shrikhand

Apple pie shrikhand is an Indian sweet dish made with hung curd and sugar. The sharp juicy flavour of the apples combines well with the mild sweetened curd and is topped with sweet, moist, and milky Malpau.

Banana Sheera

Banana sheera, or simply sheera is a very popular Indian dessert made with semolina, bananas, milk and sugar. Usually, it is made during festivals to be served as prasadam. Sheera is also known as sooji halwa or banana pudding with semolina.

Puran Poli

Apart from modaks, Puran Poli makes for one of the most important and popular sweets during the Ganesha festival. Puran Poli is a sweet bread made from maida with a filling that includes chana dal, jaggery, cardamom powder and lots of ghee.

Chocolate And Nut Karanji

Karanji stuffed with chocolate and nuts is a traditional and popular Maharashtrian sweet prepared during festivals. Give a unique twist to Karanji by using chocolate and nuts. The nuts will add to the crispness while the chocolate will enhance the...

Rava Besan Ladoo

The Ladoo is Lord Ganesha second most favourite sweet after the Modak. Instead of the normal ladoo, try making the Rava Besan ladoo. People love to make them during festivities. The recipe involves roasting of gram flour or besan, giving it a heal...

Sabudana Vada Stuffed With Coconut Chutney

Sabudana Vada is a traditional prasad (offering) prepared during Ganesh Chaturthi. A deep fried snack, it is an important part of Maharastrian cuisine. Sabudana or pearl tapioca is soaked overnight and mixed with boiled potatoes along with roasted...

Sweet Paniyaram

A delicious and wholesome dish, the sweet paniyaram is a jaggery infused version of the classic paniyaram. This dish is very popular in South India, made with a fermented batter of rice and pulses. A special mould is used to make these delicacies ...

Coconut Ladoo

Coconut ladoo is a dish that looks time consuming but is actually quite easy to make. Even children love this popular sweetmeat. All you need is condensed milk and a quality food processor at home to grate the coconuts.

Kala Chana Sundal

Kala chana sundal is also known as 'kondai kadalai sundal' and is a simple and easy recipe often made during festivals. It is specially prepared on Ganesh Chaturthi as an offering to the Lord. Kala chana (black chick pea) is tempered with mustar...

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