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While we encourage our children to exercise using their limbs, most of us neglect the eyes. Eye exercises are important for all children especially for those with problems in their vision. While glasses and contact lens may be required for some, in many cases simple eye exercises can build and maintain strong eyesight naturally. Eye exercises keep the eye muscles well-toned, ensure that the ophthalmic nerves receive a rich supply of blood, leading to improved vision, and aid in better fluid balance in the eyes.

Teach your child the simple eye exercises described here:

  • Blinking is an easy way to keep the eyes fresh and helps them focus longer.
  • Palming involves covering the eyes with warm hands and can be very relaxing.
  • Tell your child to alternatively focus on near and distant objects. He can practise zooming by focussing on his thumb and gradually bringing it closer to his face.
  • Moving the eyes up and down, left to right, from top right to bottom left and vice versa, and in circles, are good eye exercises.

Other interesting suggestions for children are tracking a ball as it swings back and forth. imagining a large clock and looking at the centre and then a number on the dial alternately.

According to an article titled Best Eye Exercises for Kids, published in www.rebuildyourvision.com, pretending to write something on an empty wall with their eyes is a very good exercise for kids. “Moving just the eyes in the shape of many different letters can really strengthen the eye muscles. It’s also a more entertaining exercise for children!” it states.

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Benefits Of Eye Exercises

Like any other muscle, the eye muscles also need exercise to be healthy and strong. Eye exercises can go a long way in reducing stress and fatigue on the eyes as well as correcting certain vision problems.

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How To Relax Your Eyes

Eye relaxation can be achieved by closing and concealing the eyes with hands so as not to expose them to light. The exclusion of visual sensations itself is sometimes sufficient to achieve a deep relaxation.

Eye Massage

Take a little break to soothe your eyes with an eye massage. If you work on the computer for an extended period of time, or do other detailed work, you will probably find that your eyes get tired before the day is done.

Top 5 Android Apps For Eye Exercises

It is your responsibility to maintain your eyes in the best possible manner. What better way to do than by getting familiar with the Best 5 Android Apps for eye exercises.

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