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Excuses Children Often Make


It is very easy to get into a habit of making excuses to cover up our shortcomings or failures. However, it is a habit that is responsible for not only leading us down the path of failure but also denting our reputation.

Read our ClipBook to know about the various excuses children make and how to help your child get rid of the habit.


Why Do We Make Excuses?

Frequent excuse making, however, comes with risks. A new study suggests that self-handicapping—behavior that precedes a performance and is intended to explain away any potential poor results...

15 Funny Excuses Children Give To Avoid Eating

“I’m sick, I want to sleep,” says Tina, stretching on her bed. Her aunt looks bewildered. Tina’s been acting up since the mention of ‘dinner time.’ Her parents are out for a movie and aunt Monika...

Top 4 Excuses Kids Make

If you are a parent, you’ve heard all the excuses.  Your child may say anything to get out of a chore or avoid stepping out of their comfort zone.  In fact, when you were a kid, you probably had a few good...

10 Excuses My Kids Give For Not Doing Their Chores

Our kids have chores. (I know, call the police—I’m an evil mean monster of a parent for expecting them to contribute and pick up after themselves.) They even have a handy little chore chart that...

10 Of The Best Excuses Kids Give For Not Wanting To Go To School

For most parents, the occasional plea to skip school is simply par for the course. Once a child learns that being under the weather excuses them from attending classes, it’s a lesson that will stick with...

Kids Bedtime Excuses

Kids are clever and oh so good at finding ways to prolong that bedtime hour, aren’t they? I’ve heard some pretty funny and creative excuses come out of those little mouths as they try to squeeze every last second...

10 Lies Mothers Tell To Excuse Their Child’S Behavior

Having a child is a tough job. You know, the whole getting pregnant, staying pregnant, dealing with morning sickness, gaining weight, and enduring the birthing experience are quite taxing on a woman.

Get Your Child To Stop Making Excuses

The truth is, most kids make excuses for their behavior. This is normal, and something that a lot of adults do as well. (Ever been pulled over for speeding, or forgotten to pick up something at...

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