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Exclusive Experts Insights On Responsible Gadget Use

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Technology has played a vital role in making our lives easier. From swanky laptops to the latest smartphones – the dependency on digital technology is not going anywhere. However, the way we choose to use technology matters. Do we opt to use it as an enabler or a disabler in our lives? Well, it should be used in a way such that it does not interfere with your social life, emotional quotient, happiness factor and overall well-being.

And across households around the world, ‘screen time’ is leading to ‘scream time’ with growing concern about the harmful impact of screen time on a child’s overall development. So, how can you, as a parent, handle this gadget ‘explosion’ in your household? How can you ensure that, despite all the gadget distractions, you still spend time with your child in a way that both of you feel connected to each other?

In a ParentCircle exclusive, we bring you valuable insights from some of the world’s BEST gadget gurus and parenting experts on this pivotal issue. The incredible teachings in the series of interviews is bound to set you on the path towards digital righteousness.  


Nir Eyal On Distraction-Free Parenting

In an India ‘First and Exclusive’, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Nir Eyal talks about how we can get the best from technology, without letting it hurt our lives.

Dr Laura Markham On Gadget-Free Parenting

How do gadgets impact our connection with our children? Does it help or hinder the relationship between parents and children? Dr Laura Markham, parenting expert and author, has her say on the topic. Worth a read.

Blake Snow On Offline Balance In An Online World

Is your family leading a life that is heads-down or heads-up? Did we get you thinking? Read on for inputs a hands-on ‘expert’ dad in this exclusive conversation.

Tanya Goodin On Digital Detox For Families

Parenting isn’t just seeing what’s right in front of you, it is noticing the things that aren’t being said. Sounds interesting? Hear more from Tanya Goodin, a digital detox expert.

Dr Tchiki Davis On Outsmarting Your Smartphone

In this tech-crazy world, we accept that our devices are ruining our happiness, yet we can’t stop using them. Is there a way we can ‘outsmart’ our smartphone? Tech consultant Dr. Tchiki Davis explains...

Dr Victoria Dunckley On Handling Children And Screen Time

Is your child unable to put down his gadget without fight, tears, or yelling? Learn from an award-winning global screen-time expert how you can handle this new ‘menace’.

Orianna Fielding On Digital Wellness For Your Family

Is your family on a digital overdose? Well, it's time for a detox, a digital detox – for the betterment of self and your connections with the world, most importantly your family. Read on to know how!

Dr Sharon Saline On Children’S Mental Health And Social Media

Watch Dr Sharon Saline, clinical psychologist and author, talk about how social media can hurt our children's mental health and how parents can find balance between screen time and family time.

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