Exam Tips For Children

The Day Of The Exam: 15 Tips To Boost Your Exam Performance

So you’ve come all the way (with the help of ExamTime!) and tomorrow is finally the moment of truth, the day of the exam. At this stage you have studied almost all that you can study to be 100% ready for the big day. You have been planning, revisi...

20 Study Hacks To Improve Your Memory

We’ve scoured our brains and the internet for the best study hacks to help your brain remember information quicker and easier and ultimately help you do better in your exams. It’s been proven that exercise can boost your memory and brain power.

7 Last-Minute Exam Tips For Students

For most people, success is the result of working steadily toward a goal. For college-bound students, the college application process begins early on, and preparing for critical assessments like Advanced Placement (AP) tests is one step on the roa...

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So, Children your exams are fast approaching & you are facing the jitters? correct? But there is nothing to worry. If you plan your studies well, you can definitely pass your examinations with flying colours.

Top 10 Assessment Technique Tips For Kids

Throughout your child’s education, they will be required to write assessments to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the school year. This can be a stressful time. Check out our top 10 tips that you can share with your child to set them ...

9 Tips To Help Kids Prepare For Tests

Children in early to mid-primary school now need to sit some fairly major exams and tests. How can parents help their children cope with these? Last generation, probably the first big test or exam a student sat was in the final year of primary sch...

Sachin And Viswanathan Anand Give Exam Tips To Students Via Radio

Sachin and Viswanathan Anand Give Exam Tips To Students via Radio - Dinamalar Feb 28th 2016

Experts Share 10 Tips To Prepare Kids For Common Core Exams

The test preparation industry is booming in anticipation of the coming Common Core exams and curriculum, but there are many simple — and free — ways worried parents can help prepare their kids for the tougher tests.

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Start studying several days before the test. This way will allow you more time to learn and remember the information you need to know. Cramming the night before will increase your stress, so try to avoid doing that. Remember that it is within you ...

8 Ways To Help Kids Ace Tests

The night before any big test, make sure your child gets plenty of zzz's, to improve her chances for an A the next day. For optimal school performance, most 6- to 8-year-olds need 11 hours of sleep, and 9- to 10-year-olds need closer to 10 hours, ...

School . Test Stress . Ten Terrific Test-Taking Tips

Do you get stressed or anxious when you have to take tests? How do you deal with it? For many of us, the real stress begins when a test actually starts. Here are ten important ways to manage that stress and do your best on an exam.

The 9 Best Scientific Study Tips

Ace any exam with these study tips!

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Exam Tips For Children

Exam tips for children