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Exam Season: How To Manage Time Effectively


As Rahul leaves for his board exams he says, "I have revised all my portions. I am thorough with all the chapters. I'm sure I will do well in the exam." However, after completing his exam, he was so upset and told his mother, "I knew all the answers but I did not have enough time to complete my paper."

Even the most efficient student can be put under stress when he is unable to manage his time well. Be it exam preparation or during the exam, time management plays a very important role. Lack of time in the exam hall can make a child feel stressed out and lose control over his emotions. In fact, not just for exams, children need to know how to manage their time well in all areas of their lives.

Here is a compilation of our time management articles, that will help your child prepare better for his exam and his future too.

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How To Manage Time In An Exam: Tricks And Tips

Knowing how to manage time in the exam hall will ensure that your child is able to finish her paper within the allotted time. Read through our 5 valuable tips on time management for exams.

Exam In 24 Hours: Smart Tips You Cannot Miss

The night before and the morning of the exam day are extremely crucial periods and require great parental support. We present valuable tips for both parents and students.

What To Do 24 Hours Before An Exam

Exam tension is at its peak the day before an exam. These tips by an expert on what to do before an exam will make your child feel calm and ready to face it. They will also help her do well in exams.

How To Help Your Child Manage Time Well

One big challenge for primary and middle schoolers is juggling school work and other activities. Here’s a guide to help them manage their time effectively.

Teaching Your Teen Time Management

Want to give a perfect gift for your teen? Teach him time management for it is the key to his success in life. Here are some tips for teaching time management to teens.

How To Teach The Importance Of Punctuality And Time Management To Children

Understanding the importance of time management and punctuality is the key to success. Here's how you can teach this to your child.

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