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About Us

At EuroKids, we work towards exploring the innate potential of each child believing each child to be unique. Our goal is to stimulate their curiosity, guide them to explore, help them to acquire skills and instil the joy of learning which would se...

Our Programs

⦿ Playgroup<br>⦿ Nursery<br>⦿ EuroJunior<br>⦿ EuroSenior

Our Faculty

We believe that a teacher's skill plays a strong role in influencing the child's power to grasp and learn concepts. At EuroKids, we train the teachers in the best possible way and ensure that they are completely prepared for their responsibilities...

Our Ethos

We believe in the process of Learning by Doing – a child needs to ‘touch’, ‘explore’, ‘learn’ and ‘enjoy’ to understand the world around him. In order to stimulate a child’s imagination, we provide opportunities for the child to grow and develop w...

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Resources - Preschools | 2-4y

Eurokids - Nolambur

Euro kids - Nolambur, Euro Kids - NolamburEuro kids - Nolambur
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