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Essential Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy Dost

As a woman, nothing in the world can be as overwhelming for you as seeing those two pink lines on the strip of a home pregnancy kit. Knowing that you have a little life growing inside is a blissful experience. However, these initial feelings of excitement and happiness can soon be overshadowed by confusion, fear, worry and unpleasant thoughts about pregnancy. Most of you who have conceived for the first time would have a lot of questions about diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

To address your questions and doubts, which sometimes may arise at odd times, most of you try to seek help from the Internet these days. Popular websites like Babycenter can provide you with a lot of information related to conceiving, pregnancy and child birth. But the most reliable guidance and support can only be provided by your gynaecologist. Family members and close friends who have already experienced the different phases of gestation can also be a valuable resource. Some of the common problems you may face during the initial stages of pregnancy include morning sickness or nausea, heartburn, food craving and aversion. Most of these symptoms tend to gradually recede with the onset of the 2nd trimester.

You can turn your pregnancy into an enriching experience by feeling positive, engaging in prenatal exercises, maintaining a healthy diet, making a few lifestyle changes and preparing your body and mind for delivering a healthy and beautiful baby.

To know a few tips for a healthy pregnancy from our partner, Pregnancy Dost, flip through the pages of this ClipBook.

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