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Enhance Your Teen's Personality


Teenage is the time when you should be paying the most attention to your child’s personality development. This is the time when her worldview, self-esteem and perceptions about life begin to take shape. It is also the time when she is going through the process of developing her own set of personal values that sometimes may come into conflict with the society.

During teenage, aspects such as their self-confidence, attitudes, life skills need to be given special attention, as these qualities go a long way in shaping a child’s personality. There are many ways of developing your child’s personality. Introducing her to sports or any other extracurricular activity will help in developing team spirit and leadership skills. Enrolling her in a good personality development course is also a good idea, as this will guide her in every aspect and teach her how she should carry herself.

As parents, you have an important role to play in your teen’s life. An article in Our Everyday Life reports, “Child-rearing practices shape personality development. The individual family structure and the community where the teen lives also influence personality development. Some parents guide children to uphold traditions. Parents also encourage teens to use self-monitoring personality behaviors to control actions.”

For ideas on how you can help in enhancing your teen’s personality, check out our ClipBook.


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