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Energy Conservation Practices Around The World


Today, with energy sources gradually diminishing, the need of the hour is energy conservation.

However, energy conservation should not mean that we try to make the limited resources last as long as they can. Making the resources last longer, instead of finding a permanent solution, will only aggravate the energy crisis.

Many countries around the world, including India, Germany, the United States and China, are trying their best to conserve energy through various practices.

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Energy Efficiency 2017 : Key Findings

More than ever before, energy efficiency is central to the achievement of a range of policy goals, including energy security, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.

What In The World Are We Doing To Conserve Energy?

Canadians are pretty dialled into energy conservation, thanks to years of awareness programmes generated by utilities and governments. But what about the rest of the world? Is energy conservation a universal priority? Are some regions behind, or a...


Germany’s energy transition is underway. Though it’s not easy being green, these ten policies are bringing the country closer to a renewable energy revolution every single day.


India is the most committed to conservation and the most optimistic about it's ability to reduce emissions.

United States Of America

Homes and commercial buildings account for 74 percent of electricity demand in the United States, making them a critical part of any plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


In China, to promote energy conservation by all sectors of the society, they use energy efficiently and protect the environment, ensure national economic and social development, and meet the people's needs in everyday life.


According to a report, there is a largely untapped reservoir of energy efficiency potential in Canada which could make a significant contribution to meeting future energy demands.


The Federal law on energy conservation and energy efficiency (# 261-FZ), which was adopted on 23 November 2009, aims to reduce the intensity of electricity, heat, water and gas consumption in order to help Russia approach European consumption leve...


Despite the fact that Brazil has a huge capacity to generate electric power, mainly due to its hydro and wind electric plants, the country is always seeking to improve the use of electric power.


An aggressive roll-out of intelligent electrical meters is saving Italy's Enel 750 million dollars per year and cutting customers' bills. Italy's dominant utility has become the surprising world leader in the development of a smarter electrical grid.

The Most Energy Efficient Countries In The World

Industry in Germany has the lowest energy intensity of any country except Australia. Germany’s ranking in the world is due to the fact, 15 years ago, German politicians agreed to gradually wean the country off fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

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