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Encouraging Teens To Volunteer At Old-age Homes


When teenagers learn to care about vulnerable groups, they learn the important qualities of empathy, resilience sensitivity. It also teaches them to be responsible for others. 

Volunteering at an old-age home or doing any kind of community service gives teens confidence and helps them build character. In this ClipBook, we tell you how teenagers can be encouraged to volunteer          


Your Go-To Guide For Volunteering With Seniors

You know that rich life experiences are indispensable. They’ve helped make up everything you are today. So just imagine how many valuable stories, lessons and experiences your elders can share with you.

How To Motivate A Teenager

Encouragement is the key to motivation. Every parenting tool we are sharing in this Positive Discipline for Teenagers book is designed to encourage and motivate teens. In this article we’ll cover Six surefire Teen Motivators: compliments, humor, l...

Encouraging Your Teen To Volunteer

Having your teen volunteer for social causes, will encourage him to be proactive in nature. It will also help him to become more responsible and build character. Understanding how to encourage your teen to volunteer is crucial for any parent.

Ways To Encourage Youth Nonprofit Volunteers

what can nonprofit organizations do to encourage volunteerism among today’s youth? Steps in this direction are a positive method to help cement the commitment from the volunteers and donors of tomorrow. These five steps can help generate youth vol...

10 Brilliant Volunteer Ideas For Teens

Volunteering has many benefits for teens. Helping others certainly open their eyes to many of the needs that exist in today’s world. Community service projects can also teach valuable skills that will be helpful to a teen in college or during futu...

Andrew Tindall: 'I Think Everyone Should Volunteer'

Medical student Andrew Tindall shares his experiences volunteering in a retirement home, where many of the elderly residents have dementia.

Young Serving Old

Young people can provide an array of helpful services to older people including teaching new technology, visiting those who are isolated, and helping with home chores. Reports show that students who volunteer do better in school than their non-vol...

Community Activities For Teenagers

Community activity is part of ‘civic responsibility’. It’s about doing things in our community because we want to or feel we should, rather than because we have to by law.

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