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Encouraging Creativity In Teens


“Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso.

Children are naturally creative. As they grow into teenage, they become self-conscious and try to stay safe within their comfort zones. However, with some little help their creativity can be rekindled.

“Creativity isn’t limited to painting or writing. It’s also about inspired thinking, and being able to use imagination in everyday life. For example, if your teen is struggling with an aspect of school work, use alternative methods to get their creative juices flowing, such as brainstorming to come up with solutions to their problems, inspiring them to think outside the box,” says

Encouraging your teenager to question things is an amazing way to ignite their creativity. Encourage them to pursue some new activity that they have never tried before.

Nature inspires creativity. Take your teen to scenic locations where nature’s beauty is in full glory. The wonderful sights and sounds of nature will inspire amazingly creative ideas in her.

Take extreme care not to stifle your young man’s creativity by negative criticism.

Creativity is an essential tool for the children of 21st century to tackle the challenges this period is going to throw at them. This ClipBook aims at giving you a perspective of this skill and various techniques to develop it in your teen.

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