Einstein's Wildest Prediction

Einstein's Wildest Prediction

Gravitational waves may have been detected for the first time, but we won't know for sure until February 11, 2016 — when scientists will either confirm or dispel the rumors, sources close to the matter tell Tech Insider.

Have Gravitational Waves Been Found? Feb 11th 2016 Press Conference Set

Rumours are spreading among physicists that researchers have detected gravitational waves for the very first time, a century after they were proposed by Albert Einstein.

Announcement On Feb 11th 2016 On Einstein's Gravitational Waves

Scientists are set to make a major announcement Thursday on efforts to pinpoint the existence of gravitational waves, or ripples of space and time that transport energy across the universe.

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Einstein's Wildest Prediction

Krishnamoorthy VKrishnamoorthy V
Einstein's wildest prediction could be confirmed on Feb 11th 2016.