Eggless Oats Chocolate Cake For Kids

Eggless Oats Chocolate Cake

Ingredients: 1 refined flour (maida) 1 packet (30 gms) Saffola Fruit & Nut Strawberry surprise oats 1 powdered sugar ΒΌ cup cocoa powder 1 teaspoon baking sod...

Eggless Whole Wheat Oats Cake Recipe-Whole Wheat Oats Chocolate Cake | Padhuskitchen

Hi Padhu, I made this simple and healthy cake yesterday, it came out very nice. For the topping, I melted some chocolates lying in my fridge for a long time by double boiling method and poured on the cake. It was amazing. Thanks for eggless and bu...

Oats Recipes | Eggless Cooking

Here is a collection of baking/cooking recipes using oats as one of the ingredients. This page will be updated on regular basis.

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Eggless Oats Chocolate Cake For Kids

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Eggless Oats Chocolate Cake