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Effects Of Tv On Children



Watching Too Much Tv Is Bad For Your Child's Health

Even though many children’s education advocates propagate the idea of children viewing more educational programmes, some believe that zero TV viewing is the best solution for optimal child health. We find out how and why watching too much TV is ba...

Influence Of Tv Programmes On Children

TV programmes can affect a child positively as well as negatively. Therefore, parents should take proper steps to monitor what their child is watching. Read on to know more about the positive and negative impacts of TV programmes on children and w...

Good And Bad Effects Of Television On Children

Parents usually have a complaint that their kids are glued to the television for long hours. But is this a cause for concern? As a parent, you may have questions about the impact of television on your children. This article gives you an insight in...

How Too Much Of Television Can Make Children Dull

In the 1980s, Australian researchers found that while watching television, the right brain is busy storing information and images in its memory bank and the left side that is responsible for critical analysis goes into a stupor because of the cons...

7 Reasons Why Tv Can Be Good For Kids

Where kids are concerned, TV and movies get a bad rap, but with healthy viewing habits and parental supervision, limited “screen time” can be a positive experience for children. Here are some ways children can benefit from watching TV and movies.

Screen Time And Children

Are you concerned about how much time your child spends watching TV or movies, playing with a smartphone or computer, or enjoying video games? Although some screen time can be educational, it's easy to go overboard. Consider this guide to children...

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