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Effects Of Poverty On Children

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Children In Wealthier Families Do Better In Literacy Tests

The Longitudinal Study of Australian children reckons students' performance in literacy, reasoning and mathematical tests is highly correlated with the amount of investment by parents in their education, which is possibly one reason why children f...

Help For Poor Children Could Fill 30 Million Vocabulary Gap

We must rethink about language support for children in poverty to fill vocabulary gaps that are already evident at 18 months. These gaps hinder reading, reduce learning and can lead to lifelong disadvantages.

The Problems Of A Crowded House

A US study looking at household crowding (defined as having more household members than rooms) found that youth who experienced crowding between the ages of 15 and 18 were less likely to complete high school by the age of 19 and had completed fewe...

Leaded Paint's Effect On Child Cognitive

Removing flakes of leaded paint from older homes improves children’s school test scores as much as cutting class sizes by a third, but at a fraction of the cost, according to our research. This is one of a series of findings showing how relatively...

Work, More Than Marriage, Is Key To Reducing Child Poverty

Marriage and parental employment have serious impacts on child poverty and it can offer better solutions. Policy makers can best cut child poverty by boosting both the numbers and the incomes of adult earners in households with children.

Family Instability Hits Children Hard, Boys Especially

Increasing family instability, caused by divorce and remarriage (as well as the formation and dissolution of cohabiting unions), is having a major influence on children’s social-emotional development, especially among boys, according to latest res...

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