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Ecmas Abacus – Enrichment Beyond The Classroom

Welcome to eCMAS ABACUS, a brain enrichment program for children. eCMAS ABACUS, as the name indicates, is an easy way for solving complex arithmetic calculations with ease and in blistering pace. The child will be able to answer in a flash even fo...

About Us

eCMAS ABACUS is a leading abacus education provider for lot of students. It is a reputed institution having well trained instructors, excellent book materials and kit. eCMAS ABACUS explores the student’s potential. It has 10 grades. A grade is tau...

Ecmas Abacus – Franchise

eCMAS ABACUS has successfully formulated and structured a specific and customized curriculum for the children aged between 4 and 12. It has spent all its time, energy and money to formulate such a curriculum. In order to expand its service locatio...

Ecmas Abacus Program

CMAS ABACUS PROGRAM is for the children between the age group of 4 and 12. The program is divided into 10 grades. The normal period for an average student to complete a grade is 3 months. The child has to attend two classes per week as per his con...

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Ecmas Abacus

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