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About Ecmas Abacus !

eCMAS ABACUS, as the name indicates, is an easy way for solving complex arithmetic calculations with ease and in blistering pace.The child will be able to answer in a flash even for complex sums of addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisio...

Benefits Of Abacus

Abacus is an age old tool popular only in China and Japan on those days. From time immemorial, the Chinese and Japanese were using it to do mental arithmetic calculations. Abacus is said to be the China’s fifth great invention. But now it has beco...

Our Program!

eCMAS ABACUS PROGRAM is for the children between the age group of 4 and 12. The program is divided into 10 grades. The normal period for an average student to complete a grade is 3 months. The child has to attend two classes per week as per his co...

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Learning - General Education | 4-14y

Ecmas Abacus - Chitlapakkam

eCMAS ABACUS is a program structured for the children, to stimulate and enrich their mind.