Learning - Arts/Craft | 7-12 yrs

Easy Paper Quilling Techniques For Children


Paper quilling is fast catching on as one of the easiest and most popular forms of art. It involves the use of quilling strips and a needle to roll them. With quilling rolls, you can then make several little decorative pieces that can be used to make a variety of art works. While the basic techniques of this art are very simple, the designs you can come up with can reach highly exotic levels.

This summer, try your hand at paper quilling and create several pieces of home decor. Also, make items that you can gift your friends and relatives. Pen stands, photo frames, nameplates, file holders, greeting cards and much more - there's so much you can make and decorate with paper quilling art.

Our ClipBook presents a few tutorials and simple ideas you can work on with your child.

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