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Easy Diy Paper Craft Ideas For Children

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How about participating in some paper craft activities with your child and helping him develop skills that will stay with him for life?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) activities are great for the development of your child as they stimulate imagination and creativity. They strengthen your child’s logical skills as they learn more about dimensions, shapes and proportions. There are many different skills that your child can learn from indulging in DIY projects. Some skills such as problem solving skills, motor skills and analytical skills can help your child develop strong planning and organisational skills for the future. A variety of toys, games and puzzles, and arts and crafts materials are available to help your child develop these skills.

Although there is a wide range of crafts materials available in the market, the simplest and easiest craft projects are made with paper. It can be folded and cut into various shapes to make different patterns. A variety of paper such as crepe, copy, scrapbook, decoupage, origami and so on are available for DIY activities. You can also encourage your child to use old newspapers and trash in an attempt to recycle, reuse and be environment-friendly. This will teach him to love and preserve nature.

For more details on a few DIY paper craft ideas for children, please flip through this ClipBook by our partner Arvind Gupta Toys.

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Flapping Ear Rabbit

Children have made this toy for hundreds of years. Made from a paper square this dynamic rabbit flaps its ears as you move its tail. This instant toy takes less than a minute to make and always brings a smile on the faces of the children.

Fishy Fish

Check out this wonderful 3-D model of the sea with fish.

Knotty Crab

Take a 30-cm long and 3-cm wide strip and tie a knot in it. Surprisingly, the middle part will be a regular pentagon. Cut the strips on both sides to make crab legs and its pincers. Draw the eyes and decorate to make this wonderful Knotty Crab.

Jumping Frog

This frog looks like a real frog and mimics it too. On pressing its paper spring the frog leaps forwards. The challenge is to make it jump into a well. Place a small cup and aim to get the frog into the cup.

Beautiful Butterfly

Make a very beautiful butterfly using colorful magazine paper. You can hang this beautiful butterfly with a thread on the wall.

Flying Little Heart

Check out this easy tutorial on how to make flying little heart.


Kids will love playing with the Chatterbox Chatter!

Paper House

This beautiful 3-dimensional house is made from a square piece of paper. You can also make windows; doors etc and paint the house. Place the house on a large cardboard plot. Make the boundary, trees and decorate it to look like an exclusive bungalow.

3-D Ganesha

The 3-D paper Ganesha can be cut and made in a few minutes.

Paper Chandelier

You can make this very pretty chandelier using A-4 size paper, scale, scissors, glue stick and a pen. You will need to draw, fold, cut and finally glue to make this beautiful chandelier. On hanging it by a thin thread it will sway with the slighte...

Paper Petals

These beautiful paper petals are very easy to make. Enjoy with many pretty coloured petals flower.

Christmas Tree

Let’s celebrate Christmas by making this wonderful Tree out of paper.

Hanging Paper Star

All you need is two square papers and a ribbon to make this cute paper stars. Your kids will definitely love it.

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