Easy Dessert Recipes

Quick And Easy Dessert Recipes

"Very good. I made half the recipe and it baked perfectly in 30 minutes. I also doubled the berries since I love berries. Will be made again and again."

25 Quick-And-Easy Dessert Recipes

Serve up no-fuss homemade desserts with our quick recipes for both warm and cold sweet treats. Find easy recipes for crisps, bar cookies, cake, cupcakes, cheesecake and more.

Quick 15-Minute Dessert Recipes

Real Simple recipes for yummy dessets.

10-Minute Treats

Once you've made these, you will want to do it over and over again.

10 Minute Cheesecakes

Easy dessert recipes if you have 10 minutes.

Fast Dessert Recipes - Quick Desserts To Make At Home

End your meal with these unexpected sweets, whether you're planning dinner for company or just need instant gratification on a Tuesday night.

15-Minutes-Or-Less Dessert Recipes

Get quick dessert recipes from Martha Stewart. You'll find pineapple with yogurt sauce, chocolate sandwich cookies, grilled peaches, and more.

10 Minute Desserts

You can find all the amazing dessert recipes to fulfil your sugar craving.

22 Desserts You Can Make In Five Minutes

When you combine chocolate and water in ~just the right way~, you get a beautifully rich mousse that you can slather on baked goods or use as a dip on its own. How-to video and recipe here. If you haven’t made soft-serve in a food processor yet, n...

5-Minute Recipes

5-minute recipes is a collection of fun and easy recipes that only take 5-minutes to make!  Use your microwave to make cake or your food processor to make ice cream.  But don't stop at dessert - check out the recipes for quick breakfasts, dips and...

61 Ice Cream Treats

No ice cream maker? No worries! You can make vanilla ice cream that’s smooth and creamy -- without any special equipment.

2 And 3 Ingredient Recipes Round Up

As a college student, I love recipes that are both cheap AND easy to make! Thanks for a fabulous round-up! I make Oreo truffles every year for Christmas and everyone always loves them!

3 Minute Microwave Fudge

Super quick and easy fudge recipe for you that you can make in the microwave! You want to hear more good news? There are ONLY 2 ingredients! You just can’t …

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Easy Dessert Recipes

Here are few simple and easy dessert recipes.