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Easing Children's Vaccination Fear


“Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Vaccinophobia is one of the common fears affecting both adults and children. So, it is quite understandable that a lot of children fear getting vaccinated, especially when vaccination involves the use of a needle or injection. Many children with this problem tend to hide their health issues and avoid going to the doctor for the fear of getting vaccinated. Fear of vaccination can manifest in many forms like anxiety, rapid heartbeat etc. Although it is a serious and widespread problem, not much thought has been paid by the medical profession to this issue.

In such a scenario, parents need to step in and help ease the fears of their children. It is important for you to appear relaxed when your children are being vaccinated. Remember, your emotions can affect their comfort level. Cuddling babies during vaccination makes them feel safe. Talking in a soothing tone or using a toy to distract their attention can also help.

Perhaps older children fear the idea of vaccines rather than the process of vaccination itself. So, explaining things to them might help. According to canoe.com, “With older children, you can try similar tactics such as distraction and comforting. Remember that at an early age, children can understand much of what you tell them when you say it in simple, understandable language. Try to be honest with them and tell them it might hurt a little. Tell them in simple language how much good the vaccine is doing for them.”

Limit vaccine talk to just a day or two before your children’s immunisation schedule. Reward and praise them for their good conduct during the vaccination process. You can plan some fun activity after the vaccine shot so that your children remember the positives. It can help them look forward to the enjoyment rather than the vaccination anxiety and the pain caused by the needle.

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