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Early Childhood Learning Through Stories


Childhood and stories - these two words are perhaps quite inseparable. Surely, most of us have fond memories of stories we heard during our childhood; first listening to them from our parents and grandparents, and then reading them for ourselves. Who can forget the fascinating Aesop’s fables, the Panchatantra tales or the fairy tales that had charmed their ways into our hearts? Even today, many of us feel happy when we read those stories we had read or heard during our childhood.

The role played by stories in developing a child’s world view is very important. Stories help children learn in many ways and help them in academics and, later, in their professional lives. The Daily Mail cites a study by the Oxford University Press based in the UK to prove this point. It states: ‘Parents should continue reading to their children up to the age of nine and beyond to help boost their academic results, according to new research.’ The article goes on to highlight several points from the study to throw light on the benefits of storytelling for children.

There are several types of stories. Of these, moral stories serve to teach values such as honesty, hard work, unity and discipline. Then there are inspirational stories that teach us to keep going on in life, facing all the hardships that come our way. Mythological stories serve to impart long-held social values and create a good base for character-building in children.

Through storytelling, we can also introduce children to literature.

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