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Ear Safety Tips For Your Child


The ear is a delicate part of your child’s body that requires special care. Apart from ear infections, noise can cause hearing loss in children.

Teach your child to care for her ear from an early age – to avoid loud noises, clean the ears regularly and in the correct manner, etc.

This ClipBook contains a compilation of useful links on ear safety tips for your child.


When Should You Go To See An Ent

Developing a long and lasting relationship is a crucial part of compassionate medical care. When you have a relationship with a provider you trust, you are more forthcoming about all symptoms and issues that arise.

Ear Infections In Children

Ear infections in children are one of the most worrisome illnesses for both parents and children to go through, especially if they are frequent. Here’s an article to help you understand why ear infections occur, how to best treat them, and most im...

Tips To Protect Your Child’S Hearing

Being overexposed to loud noises can create noise-induced hearing loss, a temporary to permanent form of hearing loss. Just as you teach your children to wear sunscreen and wear a bicycle helmet, teach them to wear hearing protectors to limit nois...

Ways To Help Your Child With Hearing Loss

If your child has a hearing loss, you can do a lot to help and support him in everyday situations. When communicating, for example, you can help your child understand and develop speech better by keeping a few basic communication rules in mind.

Protecting Your Kids Ears: Tips For Parents

Hearing loss can begin at a young age and is cumulative. The best way to prevent hearing loss is to protect young ears right from the start.

How To Clean Your Child's Ears

Kid's ears need to be cleaned for removal of dirt, on a regular basis. The healthiest way to clean is by using cotton swabs or soft washcloths around the outer part of the ear.

Home Remedies For Your Baby's Ear Infection

Ear infections are one of the most common conditions in early childhood. These simple and easy home remedies that can help to get rid of the pain and other symptoms of an ear infection.

Should You Go For A Professional Ear Syringing, Or Use An Ear Syringing Kit?

Ear Syringing is a conventional method used for elimination of an excessive buildup of wax, foreign substances, and debris. The ear wax is a natural lubricating and cleaning system for our ears, and it provides protection against bacteria and dead...

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