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Ear Care Tips


Often, we pay the ears less attention as compared to other body parts. We care for it only when it’s clogged or there’s earwax that needs to be cleaned. However, ear infections or injuries can be painful and severe. So, here are some ear care tips you must know.

Even the harmless looking cotton buds or swabs, that are part of almost every household, can be grievous to your and your child's ears. “If your child complains of ear discomfort and you see earwax in the ear, it's OK to wipe the outside of the ear with a wash cloth. But don’t use a cotton swab, a finger, or anything else to poke inside the ear because of the risk of damaging the delicate ear canal and eardrum, or packing the wax in even further, which could cause infection,” says an article in KidsHealth.

It’s important to be aware of the first aid measures for ear injuries, in the event that your child were to get one. When you are trying to help your suffering child, make sure you:

•Never put anything inside a damaged ear.

•Never try to stop the bleeding. If you try to stop it, the blood can back up and seep into the inner ear.

•Never shake, jiggle, or thump a person’s head to restore hearing.

Ear injuries in children can also be caused by headphones or ear piercings. Read through this ClipBook to know everything about these injuries and ear care.


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