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Dyslexia-friendly Apps


Raising a child with dyslexia can be an extremely challenging task that can stir up a lot of emotions. A dyslexic child generally struggles with reading which can lead to frustration and low self-esteem. But, the good news is that dyslexia is quite common and even many successful individuals are dyslexic.

Understood.org says ‘dyslexia is primarily associated with trouble in reading, but it can even affect writing, spelling and even speaking. Remember, dyslexia is a lifelong condition and your child won’t outgrow it. This does not mean, however, that your child cannot be happy and successful’.

Now, technology has come to the rescue of parents of dyslexic children. There are quite a number of dyslexia-friendly apps that are really helpful in parenting children with dyslexia. Some of them are:

• Sound Literacy – This app has several ‘pantries’ of different spellings/word chunks. According to an article titled Spelfabet published in spelfabet.com.au in 2013, ‘this app does not come with any suggested articles. It’s just a framework program containing lots of spellings and larger word chunks that you can configure as you see fit, but you have to work out how to use it’.

• Oz Phonics – This is an iPad-based reading system that caters to readers who have just begun and for students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

• ClaroPDF – This contains human quality text-to-speech English voices and a range of synchronised colour highlighting options.

There are many other dyslexia-friendly apps such as Dyslexia Quest, Shakespeare In Bits, Magnispies, and DD’s Dictionary.

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Dyslexia Quest

Dyslexia Quest covers quite a bit of cognitive territory for a variety of ages and the games are challenging, though they can run a bit long. The Yeti Master is a fun, creative guide, and the three adventures will keep children interested.

Sound Literacy

Sound Literacy has a number of "pantries" of different spellings/word chunks. This app doesn't come with any suggested activities, it's just a framework programme containing lots of spellings and larger word chunks that you can configure as you see.

Oz Phonics

Oz Phonics is an iPad-based reading system that caters for beginning readers and students from non-English speaking backgrounds. This system is used by parents, teachers and speech pathologists.

Shakespeare In Bits

The iPad, with its multisensory nature, is an outstanding platform on which to study Shakespeare. Besides reading the text with their eyes, students can hear the words read aloud by using various text-to-speech and audio options.


Alongside the full range of iOS system voices, ClaroPDF Pro contains human quality text to speech English voices and a range of synchronised colour highlighting options. A ‘Speak in Background’ option lets you listen to a PDF while viewing another...


This reading game is recommended for people with dyslexia who want to improve fluency and accuracy in recognizing the vowel in words, which is one of the core reading skills necessary to fluid reading.

Dd's Dictionary

DD's Dictionary, a dyslexic's dictionary, allows independent discovery of an unknown spelling or a quick check of an uncertain word, quick location of a word, audible confirmation of selected word, simple controls, focus on word spelling, backgrou...

Phonics Genius

This is a great app for kids with prior reading experience to improve their reading skills. It intelligently organizes words by letter or letter combination sounds and lets kids practice phonemic awareness and build sight words.

Useful Apps To Aid Learners With Dyslexia

There are tons of apps specifically designed for learners who benefit from multisensory learning, which involves making use of sight, sound and touch simultaneously. This enables dyslexic learners to transfer new information from short-term to lon...

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