Duryodhana's Biggest Mistake ?

Duryodhana's Big Mistake - Stories From Mahabharat

One of many stories from Mahabharat that showcase Krishna’s intelligence and playful mischievousness, this story relates a situation when Krishna was approached to become an ally, by both Duryodhana and Arjuna, as they were building up great armie...

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Duryodhana (Sanskrit: ) is a major character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata and was the eldest of the Kauravas, the hundred sons of blind king Dhritarashtra and Queen Gandhari. Despite being the first born son of the incumbent king, he becomes disq...

Duryodhana Has His Say

The Mahabharata has been told and retold for thousands of years. The epic has different versions to it, looking at the story from secondary characters such as Karna, Draupudi and Bhima. But Duryodhana, the kingpin of the Kauravas in The Mahabharat...

Duryodhana : Respected In Uttaranchal!

Duryodhana was the eldest son of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. He fought bitterly with the Pandavas for the throne of Hastinapur, very close to Indraprastha (Delhi). Dhritarashtra was the biological son of Veda Vyasa and the legal son of Vichitravir...

0850 Krishna Story -- Mahabharat -- Karna Helps Duryodhana Marry Bhanumati.

Duryodhana also recollects the past of Karna with Shakuni and mourn and cries for the brave Karna. He also recollects how his beloved friend helped him to ...

Tarun And Team - Kurukshetra -Death Of Duryodhana

A 2d project using adobe flash software. The project was the first team project as freshers and we also learned a lot of things in 2d animation. Our team ...

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Duryodhana's Biggest Mistake ?

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