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Doughnuts Your Kids Will Love

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Who does not love doughnuts? Those deep-fried delicacies with an assortment of toppings in flavours like chocolate, maple, coconut and others make it an irresistible treat for all. says ‘although the origin of doughnuts is debatable, these sweet treats are sweet, delicious and can be eaten on the go. Since their invention, doughnuts have become increasingly popular’.

There are some huge doughnut chains such as Krispy Kreme and Mad Over Donuts that produce millions of these tasty delights every day, with smaller, speciality shops making gourmet doughnuts also.

You can also make doughnuts at home to give them your personal touch. While the original glazed doughnut – a moist and fluffy doughnut with a simple and sweet taste, remains an eternal favourite with kids, let us look at some other tasty and unique flavours.

The Chocolate glaze doughnut with its chocolate covering and rich tender icing is every chocolate lover’s delight. Then there is the Cinnamon doughnut that captures all the warmth and zing of the lightly caramelised cinnamon toast on a fluffy doughnut. Some stores also offer the option of flavouring glaze with chocolate or maple spread, and a variety of other options for toppings.

Peanut butter doughnuts are all-time favourites. According to an article titled peanut butter cream filled donuts by Jessica published in in 2012, ‘peanut butter doughnuts are a bit high in maintenance and if you plan to have them for breakfast then it will be best to prepare them the night before. With ingredients such as vanilla extract, chocolate and creamy peanut butter, this is one doughnut that is sure to make everyone happy’.

To know more about the recipes of other types of doughnuts that kids will love, flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


Glazed Doughnuts

A moist and fluffy doughnut can always be improved by the tasty accessories that it sports. Glazed donuts are every child's favourite because of their simple but sweet taste...

Chocolate Glaze Doughnuts

The wonderful chocolate glazed doughnut can become a treat for any occasion when a chocolate lover is involved, and the richly tender icing becomes a moment of perfection, from the very first bite to the last...

Boston Cream Doughnut

In spite of their New England-centric name, Boston cream donuts are a beloved food and consumed worldwide. They get their name from the Boston cream pie (which is actually a cake, but that's another story)...

Cinnamon Doughnuts

Cinnamon doughnuts capture all of the warmth and lightly caramelized zing of cinnamon toast, but on a toothsome and fluffy doughnut. The base dough complements the spiced sugar topping with hints of nutmeg and other natural flavor additions, which...

Classic Powdered Doughnuts

Although taste is what can cause great cravings for certain consumables, texture is also an important aspect of why foods can become favourites. Powder doughnuts afford this combination of classic sweetness and the delectable melting sensation tha...

Chocolate Johns Doughnut

Doughnuts are loved by everyone, but special occasions can call for a bit of elegance when it comes to providing a celebratory dessert. Chocolate long doughnuts can bring that hint of class to the sweet treats that make every event a great time. T...

Coconut Doughnuts

A flurry of white can be appropriate at any time of year, especially when it is coconut shards atop a custom built doughnut. Shredded coconut puts a hint of the exotic in to any doughnut configurations, and provides a taste of paradise at any time.

Maple Bar Doughnuts

The thick and syrupy goodness of natural maple flavor is delicately slathered on to the gourmet doughnuts, to result in a treat that can be as comforting as it is uplifting. The result is a moist and cakey mouthful that is followed by a flood of s...

Strawberry Frosted Donuts

Biting into a plump and juicy strawberry can be the ideal way to jump start your taste buds with the sweet and tangy zest that this fruit offers. Fruit lovers can celebrate an exciting way to get their fix, with strawberry donuts that include natu...

Peanut Butter Doughnut

Classic doughnut and specialty styles can always go for an extra bit of bling that will make taste buds swoon, and peanuts fill this craving for texture and flavor. The extra crunch and touch of salt enhances the sweetness of the pastry and the gl...

Apple Cider Doughnuts

For a doughnut that tastes as of home-style cooking and sunsets in the orchard, apple doughnuts combine classic pastry techniques with fresh ingredients to produce a singular celebration of taste. This recipe mixes chunks of fresh apples into the ...

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