Homemade Donuts Recipe

Crusty, puffy and soggy donuts either covered with sugar or cinnamon or glazed with chocolate are always luscious and attractive. You and you entire family, especially kids will love eating it.

10 Types Of Doughnuts From Around The World

Delicious, fried dough isn't easy to resist, so it makes sense that there's a variation of the doughnut in practically every region in the world. From rosquillas to loukoumades, I've picked 10 treats for the globetrotter with a sweet tooth, along ...

Homemade Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - The Healthy Version!

Sticky, sugary-sweet Krispy Kreme homemade doughnuts. So do these homemade donuts (is it doughnuts or donuts?) taste exactly like real Krispy Kremes? No, and they’re not supposed to. I always thought Krispy Kremes were too saccharine, with all th...

A Morning Donut Could Improve Your Memory And Ability To Concentrate

Donuts aren't exactly a superfood, but it turns out they may be capable of providing your brain with what it needs to effectively start the day.

Why Sleepy Brains Crave Doughnuts

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers scanned the brains of 23 healthy young adults, first after a normal night’s sleep and then after a sleepless night. They found impaired activity in the sleep-deprived brain’s frontal ...

Investigative Report: Doughnuts Are Good For You

June is National Dairy Month, in which we are reminded of the importance of getting our recommended servings of dairy to promote healthy bones. A little-known fact is that June 7, is National Doughnut Day.

15 Healthy Donut Recipes. But Seriously

There were so many raves over our healthy donut that we couldn’t resist sending some more healthy hacks your way. We’re not suggesting that you should scarf down a dozen of these bad boys in one sitting, but if you do, you won’t have a coronary on...

29 Healthier Doughnut Recipes

Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? Cakey or light, frosted or glazed, filled or in hole form—let’s be honest, doughnuts are just a (very good) excuse to eat cake for breakfast. But some of those store-bought delights might as well be in the dessert...

Yes, You Really Can Eat Doughnuts

Healthy doughnuts do exist. These baked ones are the way to go to cut the fat and calories. Make these guilt-free treats for the kids, and plus, we'll show you how to make four different delectable toppings.

Health Effects Of Doughnuts

That doughnuts are not good for you shouldn’t be a surprise. However, doughnuts are worse than many other snacks in the market. A small bag of chips has about 260 calories, and a small bag of cookies can have anywhere from 50 to 200 calories each,...

5 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Donuts

Eating donuts is bad for you, but because they taste so good you are probably having some problems in finding an easy way to stop it. People eat donuts for various reasons: they taste so good that you can’t resist, they make you feel good and you ...

Doughnuts For Breakfast: A Healthy Option?

Doughnuts are a kind of fried dough food and are created in a number of ways as a sweet breakfast treat. They can be either made at home or purchased at bakeries or grocery stores. In most cases, doughnuts are deep-fried out of a flour dough and t...

The Serious Eats Doughnut Style Guide

At Serious Eats, we care about the big questions. "What's the difference between Sicilian-style pizza and grandma pizza?" "What's the difference between a slider and a mini-hamburger?" And, more recently, "What are all the different styles of doug...

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