Dosa Calling

The Pancake Of Possibilities

I'm addicted to dosas, the wafer-thin, oversized crepes indigenous to the south of India. Served plain or sprinkled with chopped onions, these versatile pancakes—made from little more than dal (dried peas, beans or lentils), rice and water—enhance...

The Many Avatars Of Dosa

Among the trinity of south Indian delicacies — idli, upma, dosai — ‘idli' has been pronounced to be not an indigenous item in your Science and Technology supplement some time ago, much to the lasting regret of South Indian ‘mamis'. Upma has won ac...

The Secret To Making Crispy Dosa

When the ingredients are according to the right proportion and if the dosa batter is fermented correct, one can get the crispiness of the dosa as desired. When your dosa batter is fermented for the right number of hours, you can get it as thin ...

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Dosa Calling

What more with Dosas? Lot more! Have a look at the different varieties of this versatile dish.