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Does Your Teen Smoke?


One fine day you discover that your teen has developed the habit of smoking and find the ground shift beneath your feet. After all, which parent would want their child to take to this universally dreaded habit. We all know that, if not checked on time, an occasional smoker can turn into a chronic one.

“Nobody smokes their first fag thinking they’ll be a smoker, but if you’re experimenting it’s easy to become hooked. Most adult smokers start in their teens…” says NHS Choices, one of the leading health websites based in the UK.

Once an individual gets addicted to the habit of smoking, coming out of it may prove to be a Herculean task. Leaving the habit would depend on the extent to which the individual is addicted. Other aspects such as personality traits and family history can also play a role. Teens also find it difficult to quit smoking because of certain common misconceptions. Many teens tend to believe that smoking is a stress-reliever, whereas the fact is just the contrary. Also, another myth associated with smoking is that there is no harm in smoking once in a while. This again is absolutely wrong. Tobacco in any quantity is harmful for health.

To help your teenager quit smoking, try to ascertain the extent to which he or she is addicted. Also, try to get to the roots of why he has taken to the habit. Could it be peer pressure, or could it be issues of self-esteem? Once you know the cause, you can look for deaddiction measures.

Our ClipBook helps you understand smoking in teens and ways to help them overcome. 


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Nobody smokes their first cigarette thinking they’ll be a smoker, but if you’re experimenting it’s easy to become hooked. Most adult smokers start in their teens, and half of them will be killed by their habit coughing, spluttering and having hear...

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