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Does Your Teen Sleep Well?


Has your teen been going around with groggy eyes of late? Does she remain lethargic for most part of the day? Chances are that she may be sleep-deprived. Wake up dear parent! It’s time to ring the alarm bell!

During the teenage years, your child needs a good amount of sleep, even more than what is required by adults. With the physical and emotional changes that are characteristic of this age and the amount of academic workload they are exposed to, a good night’s sleep is a must for every teenager.

But many of them hardly manage to come close to getting the bare minimum hours of sleep, owing to factors that dominate their lifestyle. Technology addiction could be one the biggest culprit. Or it could be her inability to handle the pressure and stress caused by various factors like studies, physical changes, family problems. A disturbed emotional or mental state can be a major reason that may keep her wide awake at night, worrying unnecessarily.

Sleep deprivation, or insomnia, during teenage years is a major problem among today’s youth and can have several ill-effects in the long term. Getting sound sleep is as important for your child as is getting it for the right number of hours. Disturbed sleep, even for long hours, does no good to her health. The key is to change your child’s lifestyle and bring about discipline. Psych Central in an article titled ‘7 ways parents can help their teens get enough sleep’ places utmost importance on a consistent routine. It states: “…the later your teen wakes up on the weekend, the later they’ll fall asleep at night — which throws their ‘during-the-week’ schedule out of whack. Encourage them to keep a consistent sleep and wake cycle every day. Consistency is key for good sleep.”

If your teen is facing any of the problems related to sleeplessness, you can pass her some useful tips to sleep well. Our ClipBook can help you with this.


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