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Does Your Nanny Pass The Test?


After giving birth and spending quality time with your little one, do you have to get back to work now? Or are you constantly fatigued from looking after your child from morning to night? It’s okay to feel the need for an extra pair of hands.

Entrusting your baby-rearing work to an outsider can be an extremely hard feeling. Having a nanny is a relatively new concept in India, and many are naturally sceptical about it. However, it is perfectly all right to need help and seek it. But you need to ensure that your little dearest is in good hands.

An article in The HealthSite suggests older and experienced nannies. “Choose someone with experience. Though most Indian families prefer to have women in their early twenties, it would be better to hire one who is in her mid-thirties or older. Basically, she would mostly have hands-on experience in handling a baby.” The article also advises to do a basic background check on your potential nanny and train her before giving her the job.

It is also perfectly acceptable to interview a person you are trying to hire to care for your child. According to an article in Parenting, you should “come to the interview prepared with a list of questions. Don't ask a potential nanny about her life goals for the next five years. Instead, ask her about her views on nutrition, discipline and education.”

For more tips on how to make the tedious task of hiring a nanny a tad bit breezier, go through this ClipBook.


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